Bat Car Phone Holder
Bat Car Phone Holder
Bat Car Phone Holder
Bat Car Phone Holder
Bat Car Phone Holder
Bat Car Phone Holder
Bat Car Phone Holder
Bat Car Phone Holder

Bat Car Phone Holder

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That’s it, our car phone holder is going into the trash where it belongs. It’s dropped our phone for the absolute last time.

We were on the highway when it happened. Our phone slipped in the middle of telling us the turn off, which we missed, by the way. Now the screen is cracked and we’re an hour late.

Whatever. We could never really get a good angle with it anyway. The holder had this way of gripping our phone that always caught the sun’s worst glare.

Face it, car phone holders just don’t work. And the ones that do are big, bulky, and ugly. We don’t want to compromise. We want it all, and why shouldn’t we get it?

This bat car phone holder is nonslip, looks awesome, and has 360-degree rotation so you always get the perfect angle.

Take a look, there’s a lot to love.

  • 360-degree rotation. Can’t quite see your phone? Want it to move just a little to the right? This rotates in a full circle so there’s never a bad angle.
  • Shock absorption. Don’t worry about bumps in the road jarring your phone and jiggling its insides. This absorbs shocks so your phone stays safe.
  • Non-slip. The last thing you need is your phone slipping out of its holder and bouncing under your seat. This keeps your phone securely in place.
  • Sleek design. The bat design is just awesome. It’s the kind of thing superhero fans go gaga for. Sleek, shiny, and pretty darn perfect.
  • Universal. This holder loves androids just as much as iPhones. As long as your phone is 4 to 6.5 inches, this should hold it no problem.
  • Hands-free. It’s just a safer way to drive. Leave your hands on the steering wheel where they belong without sacrificing your ability to use your phone.

It’s super-strong, hassle-free, and easy to install.

This holder is designed to be durable. Turn up the air conditioner, heat, or leave the windows down, temperature changes won’t affect it, and neither will a few bumps in the road.

And it only takes a few seconds to install. Just clip it to your vent or use double-sided tape to stick it to your dash, or anywhere else you prefer.

Look, if you’ve got a phone, you need something to hold it. Order this bat car phone holder now and get something as cool as it is handy.

Hassle-free, hands-free, and just plain awesome. Get it now.

Product Details

Material ABS
Dimensions 12.9x10.5cm
Suitable for Mobile phones from 4.5 to 6.5 inch in size
Shipping Free worldwide shipping
Guarantee Love it or it's free. No-hassle refunds within 30 days after delivery